Firearm and Ammunition Testing Systems


Patented Firearm and Ammunition Testing System

FTS-300 enables fire shot testing operators to safely complete function tests. Its patented conveyor belt system collects, and unloads fired bullets for further use like recycling or examination.

In firearms function tests, high amount of pressure may occur but FTS-300’s Smart Pressure Evacuation System discharges the air pressure while health and safety of test-fire operators are secured.

Key Design Elements

Less Space Required
Modular Design / Ease of Relocation
Utmost Occupational Health and Safety
Indoor Usage
Quick Setup / Ease of Use
Wide Range Firearm and Ammunition Compatibility
Reliable / Robust
Environmentally Friendly
Protects Air and Water Quality


Operational Cost

  • Allows continuous shooting
    Requires less space
    No operational pause requires for the function tests
    No metal plate required

Environmental Footprint

  • Filters powder gas and prevents propagation to the environment
    Does not require oily water


Sustainable Recycling

  • No waste water is generated thanks to the integrated waste water system
    Collects empty cartridges and bullets and achieves savings from scrap metal.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Harmful gases are filtered by the system
    Eliminates the risk of splash
    Ensures personnel security